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To run the image execute the

docker run -it --name alex_client -p 8000:8000 -p 35729:35729 fads/fadsclient

Once inside the image, you'll need to generate an ssh key and add it to your bitbucket account.

cd /home/fads/code/current
cd .ssh
ssh-keygen -t rsa
# copy the output into your bitbucket ssh keystore.

Now that we have the keys, we just need to clone the repo. First make a fork of the parent repo located at Click [fork] on the left hand

git clone git@bitbucket:<your-name>/alex_client.git
cd alex_client

We will now download the dependencies. All dependencies for the client are located in the hidden .lib folder. I do this to keep a clean project, but it is not standard practice.

cd .lib
npm install
bower install

We're almost there. First we need to transpile and compile the client

gulp &

This runs gulp in the background, but STDOUT will still appear in the terminal. Now we just need to run an http-server to serve the files which are located in the .www folder.

cd ../
cd .www
http-server -p 8000

Now, on your host machine, navigate to localhost:8000.


I get "This webpage is not available" using boot2docker

You will need to open up a port through virtualbox for this to work. Open virtualbox, and select the boot2docker image. Click the settings button, and navigate to the network tab.

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