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Docker image

This is the base docker image to be installed inside mesos. It's composed of a basic python server that serves an index.html. In order to run it you must have docker installed. So, you could be in one of this scenarios:

Windows and Mac

Follow this instructions if you are using Mac or Windows. Once everything is installed, be sure to start the process for example by running boot2docker up.

Once your docker environment is up and running, you could proceed to building and running your image.

Handling the image

Create a Docker image

In order to create a docker image based on the Dockerfile provided execute this command

docker build -t imgname/httpexample .

You could verify the list of available images by executing the following command docker images

Run the image

To instantiate our application we should execute the following command
docker run -p 9090:8080 imgname/httpexample


  • p, means the port mapping
  • imgname/httpexample, means the image name

Then, if we execute a docker ps we should be able to see our newly created image on the list!

50226338cfe2 imgname/httpexample:latest "/env/bin/python -m">9090:8080/tcp

However, in order access it, you need to first verify the address in which docker is running. If you are using boot2docker, you could just get it by running boot2docker ip.

Assuming that your boot2docker is running in, you could access the service by pointing to

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