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Softether packaged for AWS ECS
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Docker image for SoftEther VPN

Credit to cnf, this image is a fork from, and to the SoftEther VPN project for providing an easy and extensible VPN platform for me to use :)

Will deploy a fully functional SoftEther VPN server as a docker image and is intended for deployment on Amazon Web Service's EC2 Container Service (ECS), but could be deployed anywhere.

This project also lives in Docker hub as failathon/softether

Use the SoftEther VPN client from to connect to this service.

Run in ECS

First, Create a ECS Task Definition

Container Definition

  1. set Container Name to desired name
  2. set Image to failathon/softether
  3. set CPU units to 900
  4. set Memory to 750
  5. enable Essential
  6. set Port Mappings to 443:443 TCP (Host:Container) and 1194:1194 UDP
  7. set Environment Variables
    • VPNUSER=your_user_here
    • VPNPASS=your_password_here

Second, Create a Cluster

  1. Create a cluster with any name you prefer
  2. Within the cluster, now create a service, selecting the task definition you created before (i.e. softether-task:1)
  3. Set the service name to a name you prefer (i.e. softether-service)
  4. Set the number of tasks to 1 - this will create a single VPN service hosted on a single
  5. Leave the Load Balancer set to No ELB

Third, Drink your coffee and prepare to connect

:) Wait for ECS to spawn your new service

Alternate methods and other tidbits

Running direct from EC2 instance

docker run -d -e VPNUSER=<userhere> -e VPNPASS=<passhere> --net host --name  vpn-server failathon/softether

EC2 Instance for ECS 101

For those who have not used ECS before, ensure that:

  • Use an ECS-optimized AMI (ie. ami-27212417 in Community AMIs)
  • IAM role selected should contain:
    • AmazonEC2ContainerServiceFullAccess
    • AmazonEC2ContainerServiceRole
    • Trusted Entity is
  • Security Group must allow SSH (22/tcp) and HTTPS (443/tcp) are allowed for Inbound traffic
  • Set User Data is set to
echo ECS_CLUSTER=cluster_name_here >> /etc/ecs/ecs.config
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