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Docker image for influxdb-collectd-proxy

Docker image running influxdb-collectd-proxy in a container.

Building the image

docker build -t influxdb-collectd-proxy .


The following environment variables are mapped to the proxy's command line options:

  • ICP_HOST: -influxdb
  • ICP_DATABASE: -database
  • ICP_USERNAME: -username (default root)
  • ICP_PASSWORD: -password (default root)
  • ICP_NORMALIZE: -normalize (default true)
  • ICP_VERBOSE: -verbose (default false)

Run a container:

docker run -d \
    -e \
    -e ICP_DATABASE=collectd \
    -e ICP_VERBOSE=true \
    -p 8096:8096/udp \

You can override the built-in collectd types.db file by attaching your custom file as a volume to /types.db in the container:

docker run [other options] -v /my/own/types.db:/types.db:ro influxdb-collectd-proxy:latest
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