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Docker MariaDB

DB export

You can create database dumps with the db_dump command. There are no credentials necessary to run this command. And you can add custom parameters (e.g. --no-data)

  • Output dump on STDOUT

    docker exec <DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_dump
  • Output dump on STDOUT (with custom parameters)

    docker exec <DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_dump --no-data
  • Save dump in file

    docker exec <DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_dump > `date +%Y%m%d`.sql
  • Save dump in compressed file

    docker exec <DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_dump | gzip -9 > `date +%Y%m%d`.sql.gz
  • Execute a fast dump (nice and without locking tables). There's the risk to get a inconsistent dump.

    docker exec <DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_fast_dump

DB import

To import a database use the following commands

  • Import from a sql-file

    docker exec -i <DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_import < dump.sql
  • Import from another db container

    docker exec <SOURCE-DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_dump | docker exec -i <TARGET-DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_import
  • ... or even piped through ssh to a remote server

    ` docker exec <SOURCE-DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_dump | ssh user@server "docker exec -i <TARGET-DOCKER-CONTAINER-NAME> db_import"
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