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Super-slim (~10MB) Bind9 image.
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Run BIND Container:

docker run --name=nameserver1 -d \
  --dns= --dns= \
  -p 53:53/udp -p 53:53 \
  -v /nameserver1/etc/bind:/etc/bind \
  -v /nameserver1/var/cache/bind:/var/cache/bind \
  -v /nameserver1/var/log/named:/var/log/named \

Note 1: Put your node configuration into nameserver1 folder.

Note 2: You need to bind the following volumes:

  • /etc/bind where all config, including named.conf is stored
  • /var/cache/bind for master/follower zone configs. Follower zones will be auto-populated, so you can leave that binding as blank
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