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Image for Raspberry PI with Apache and PHP5 ready to go. Use alone or with other fastberry images.
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This image provides an apache2 web server with PHP for the Raspberry PI.

The image is based on resin/rpi-raspbian. This is intended for learning, experimenting, prototyping, and to get started quickly without much overhead on simple web services.

The web content can be put anywhere in a directory that is accessible to the Raspberry PI and can be externally modified, backed up, etc.

This image is also used as a building block for other fastberry images (search for "fastberry").

How to use

For convenience the commands below use names for the containers. The name is specified using the --name option when starting the container.

Open a terminal and start the container with:

     docker run --name apachephp -it -p 80:80 fastberry/apachephp

Then connect to the Raspberry PI using your favorite web browser. If all went well you should see a welcome page that shows basic information on your setup.

To stop the container, open another terminal and type:

     docker -kill apachephp

In order to start serving up your own web content create a directory and put your files there. Then run the docker container again using these commands, giving the name of your directory:

     docker rm apachephp
     docker run --name apachephp -it -p 80:80 -v <name of your directory>:/var/www/html fastberry/apachephp

You can update your web content by editing your files in the web content directory, or copying files from another location.

If you want to make the web server available with a different port number reply the first "80" in the docker run command line with your port number.

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