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FastScore - The Analytic Engine
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FastScore Analytic Engine provides a programmable microservice for easy safe, repeatable, and scalable deployment of analytics. FastScore supports any model type, from simple thresholds to complex machine learning models.

Please visit the FastScore Getting Started Guide for a detailed review of how to get FastScore up and running.

Deploy Demo

In order to deploy the FastScore microservice demo execute the following docker command:

docker run -it --rm --name fastscore-rest fastscore/engine:demo


FastScore is a micoservice which can run anywhere in your infrastructure. In order to deploy more analytics, simply launch more FastScore microservices on the desired Docker compute platform (e.g. a Linux server). With Docker port mapping, many FastScore Analytic Engine microservices may be running on on the same Docker platform or distributed across many Docker platforms.

FastScore Microservices Dashboard

Optionally, the FastScore Microservices Dashboard can be deployed which will provide a visual interface to interact with FastScore Engine and other FastScore microservices.

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