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FastScore Model Manage Microservice
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Model Manage

This is the Model Manage microservice of the Fastscore Analytic Engine suite. Model Manage provides an interface to persistent storage for models and stream descriptors.

Please visit the FastScore Getting Started Guide for a detailed review of how to get FastScore up and running.

How to run

Model Manage needs to know how to reach Connect. The CONNECT_PREFIX environment variable contains the Connect's endpoint:

docker run -it --net=host --rm -e CONNECT_PREFIX= fastscore/model-manage:1.0

Model Manage retrieves the database info from the Connect microservice. An example of a REST call provided by Model Manage:

curl -k

It returns the list of models stored in the database.

How to configure the database connection

There must be a 'db' section present in the configuration passed on to Connect. The section looks as follows:

  type: mysql
  host: ...
  port: ...
  username: ...
  password: ...

For a detailed review of how to configure the DB, please see the Configuration portion of the Getting Started Guide.

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