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S3 Performance Test Tool
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My own build of s3pt becouse doen't works


$ docker run --rm -ti fatruden/s3pt
Option "--accessKey" is required
java -jar s3pt.jar [options...]
 --accessKey VAL      : access key ID; also possible to set AWS_ACCESS_KEY int
 --bucketName VAL     : name of bucket
 --endpointUrl VAL    : endpoint url (default:
 --gzip               : use gzip (default: false)
 --http               : use http instead of https (default: false)
 --keepAlive          : use TCP keep alive (default: false)
 --keyFileName VAL    : name of file with object keys
 --operation VAL      : operation (default: UPLOAD)
 --secretKey VAL      : secret access key; also possible to set AWS_SECRET_KEY
                        in environment
 --signerOverride VAL : override the S3 signer (e.g. 'S3Signer' or
 --size N             : file size (e.g. for UPLOAD); supported units: B, K, M
                        (default: 131072)
 --usePathStyleAccess : use path-style access (instead of DNS-style) (default:
 -n (--number) N      : number of operations
 -t (--threads) N     : number of threads (default: 1)

if you want to test some s3-like storage

$ docker run --rm -ti --endpointUrl --signerOverride S3Signer --accessKey {access_key} --secretKey {secret_key} --keepAlive --bucketName test-bucket -t 2 -n 1000 --size 128

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