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I am currently restructuring this image. So the steps below may not always work!

Before using the container you have to once start the image with the following command:

docker run -it --rm -v /usr/local/bin:/target -v /etc/z-container:/conf \
    fbartels/zarafa-webmeetings-docker instl

This installs a little helper script into /usr/local/bin that will be used for subsequent starts.

Warning: when running the above command the env.conf file in /etc/z-container/webmeetings will be overwritten (with creating a backup before).


The packages inside the container can be updated by executing

docker exec zarafa-webmeetings update

The image itself can be updated by executing

docker pull fbartels/zarafa-webmeetings-docker
docker stop zarafa-webmeetings


Q: what’s the benefit of having this?

Docker provides and easy and fast way to run virtual machines for testing purposes. You only have to give this to a customer, so that he can give Web Meetings a try in his local environment, with his actual data, but without having to change anything in his current environment.

Q: what’s provided by this image?

The image contains the latest released version of WebApp and Web Meetings, as well as zarafa-presence.

Q: what do I have to do, to get this running?

You need to have Docker installed. After this has been done you can simply

  • pull the image from the Docker Hub

    docker pull fbartels/zarafa-webmeetings-docker

  • download the default configuration


  • modify env.conf to point to your local Zarafa installation

  • and then start the image

    docker run -it --env-file=env.conf --net=host fbartels/zarafa-webmeetings-docker

    If you only want to change ZARAFA_HOST the following command works as well:

    docker run -it -e ZARAFA_HOST=http://my-zarafa:236/zarafa --net=host fbartels/zarafa-webmeetings-docker

Just a few seconds after the last command has been issued you will be able to open the WebApp provided by the image (accessible from https://ip-of-your-docker-host:10443), login and enjoy Zarafa Web Meetings.

Building your own

This repository contains a small shell script to do a local build of this Dockerfile with the possiblity to directly start the image afterwards.

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