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MariaDB 5.5 with scripts to simplify backup/restore using xtrabackupex
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This image is meant to simplify the process of running a MariaDB server instance. It provides MariaDB 5.5 and everything needed to backup and restore your database data.

To setup a new MariaDB instance issue the following

echo $(docker run -i fccorg/fcc-mariadb55:latest showmake) | make DBPASS=password NAME=instance setup

This will do the following:

  • Create three containers named instance, instance-backup and instance-restore
  • Create a directory in your home directory called instance with two subdirectories called data and backup
  • Start the instance container and map 3306 as well as the data directions mentioned above. Root password will be set to password

You can now use it however you wish.

To perform a backup, issue

docker start instance-backup && docker logs -f instance-backup

To perform a restore, issue

docker stop instance
docker start instance-restore && docker logs -f instance-restore && docker start instance

If you wish to manually configure your MariaDB instance you can still do so. Here is a quick guide:

mkdir -p <homedir>/<instance name>/data
mkdir -p <homedir>/<instance name>/backup
docker run -d --name <instance name> -v <homedir>/<instance name>/data:/var/lib/mysql -v <homedir>/<instance name>/backup:/mnt/backup -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=<password> fcc-mariadb55
docker create --name <instance name>-restore -v <homedir>/<instance name>/data:/var/lib/mysql -v <homedir>/<instance name>/backup:/mnt/backup fcc-mariadb55
docker create --name <instance name>-backup --link <instance name> -v <homedir>/<instance name>/data:/var/lib/mysql -v <homedir>/<instance name>/backup:/mnt/backup fcc-mariadb55 root <password>
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