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Alpine Browser Exploitation Framework Image
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This Docker image allow to run the latest BeEF on Alpine Linux.

You can start the alpine-beef container with the commands:

docker run -t fcolista/alpine-beef

This container exposes port TCP/3000: once you've run the container, look at the ip address BeEF is binding to:


[14:16:25][*] Bind socket [imapeudora1] listening on [].
[14:16:26][*] Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF)
[14:16:26]    |   Twit: @beefproject
[14:16:26]    |   Site:
[14:16:26]    |   Blog:
[14:16:26]    |_  Wiki:
[14:16:26][*] Project Creator: Wade Alcorn (@WadeAlcorn)
[14:16:27][*] BeEF is loading. Wait a few seconds...
[14:16:36][*] 12 extensions enabled.
[14:16:36][*] 259 modules enabled.
[14:16:36][*] 2 network interfaces were detected.
[14:16:36][+] running on network interface:
[14:16:36]    |   Hook URL:
[14:16:36]    |_  UI URL:
[14:16:36][+] running on network interface:
[14:16:36]    |   Hook URL:
[14:16:36]    |_  UI URL:
[14:16:36][*] RESTful API key: c1dc74128c430e74572ebef2cfed4a7388141ffe
[14:16:36][*] HTTP Proxy:
[14:16:36][*] BeEF server started (press control+c to stop)

Then, open your browser and point to http://$IPADDRESS:3000/ui/panel

Username: beef
Password: beef


If you are running with a grsec kernel, you should disable those features:


On an Alpine host, you can do it by decommenting from /etc/conf.d/docker:

disable_grsec="chroot_deny_chmod chroot_deny_mknod"

and then restart docker:

rc-service docker restart

Enjoy, Francesco

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