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Listens for fedmsg messages of specific types and triggers jobs in taskotron in buildbot.
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Taskotron Job Trigger

This is very simple code that listens for fedmsg messages of specific types and
triggers jobs in taskotron in buildbot as needed.


Install the rpm dependencies on the system (only works on Fedora for now)::

yum install fedmsg fedmsg-hub

Parts of the trigger do need to be installed on the local system::

python install

Updating Production Logging Configuration

In /etc/fedmsg.d/, add the following handler::

"class": "logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler",
"formatter": "bare",
"level": "INFO",
"filename": "/var/log/fedmsg/taskotron-trigger.log",
"mode": "a",

Then replace the console handler with the filelog handler for the fedmsg
logger so that log messages are sent to a separate file instead of to the

"level": "INFO",
"propagate": False,

  • "handlers": ["console"],
  • "handlers": ["filelog"],

Running the Trigger

Once the fedmsg component has been installed, run the following command in the
working directory with


Setting Up a Dev Environment

Install the following packages if they aren't already installed:

  • koji

  • fedmsg-hub

Create a virtualenv for the trigger, including system site-packages to make sure
that we get koji::

virtualenv --distribute --system-site-packages env_trigger/

Install requirements::
source env_trigger/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Install fedmsg and taskotron-trigger into the virtualenv after activating (so
that it picks up the trigger in the virtualenv's site-packages)::

pip install -U --force-reinstall fedmsg
pip install -e .

Once this is all done, you can run fedmsg-hub and it will pick up the local
configuration without modifying the local system.

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