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Primary image for building containers with circle-ci 2.0
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Based on alpine linux for use as a primary container in the circleci setup_remote_docker environment.

Please Note: CircleCI 2.0 is currently in Beta.

Includes a set of packages to assist in building images:

docker (17.05)
docker-compose (1.13)

and InSpec to support container testing strategy.

Change Log

package installs naturally include the dependencies

06-07-2017 Initial build automation


Additional installed packages:
ca-certificates (20161130-r2)
git (2.13.0-r0)
gzip (1.8-r0)
openssh (7.5_p1-r1)
tar (1.29-r1)
curl (7.54.0-r0)
wget (1.19.1-r2)
openrc (0.24.1-r2)
openssl (1.0.2k-r0)
python3 (3.6.1-r2)
setuptools (36.0.1)
docker (17.05.0-r0)
docker-compose (1.13)

06-11-2017 add ruby and inspec for testing strategies

same as 06-07-2017 plus

Additional installed packages:
ruby (2.4.1-r3)
ruby-bundler (1.15.0-r0)
ruby-dev (2.4.1-r3)
g++ (6.3.0-r4)
libffi-dev (3.2.1-r3)
musl-dev (1.1.16-r9)
make (4.2.1-r0)
gem install inspec -v 1.27.0

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