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Base image for running Pentaho BA Server CE software within a Docker Container


docker build -t fendroid/docker-pentaho-ce-6.1 .


`fendroid/docker-pentaho-ce-6.1 is designed to run as a daemon, which you can ssh into and intall Pentaho.

To start a new container, run

docker run -d -p 2222:22 -p 8888:8080 -e AUTHORIZED_KEYS="`cat ~/.ssh/`" fendroid/docker-pentaho-ce-6.1

You are now able to ssh directly into the container with your ssh keys (Replace DOCKER_HOST with the boot2docker ip address or the docker host ip)

ssh -p 2222 root@DOCKER_HOST

To check the biserver logs, ssh to the container and run:

tail -f /home/pentaho/biserver-ce-

Or run in the docker host:

docker logs $CONTAINER_ID

When the server is running (check the logs), go to: http://${DOCKER_HOST_IP}:8888/pentaho

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