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container to backup your mysql database's to Microsoft Azure Storare.

Container startup explained

  • You can run this container in 2 modes:
    • ONE_SHOOT - the container will backup your db and stop
    • CONTINUOUS - the container will start and use a cronjob to schedule a backup window and will run until you stop it.
  • Mysql will acess to the host where is database you want to backup
  • Mysql will dump the database to this container and compress it using gzip
  • Using azure-cli the file will be uploaded to Azure Storage

Environment variables

  • _$DB_PASSWORD_ - The password to connect with Mysql
  • _$DB_USER_ - The username to connect with Mysql
  • _$DB_NAME_ - Database name
  • $CONTAINER - Container name in azure
  • _$AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ - Name of Azure Storare Account
  • _$AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY_ - Acess Key for Storage Account
  • _$MYSQL_PORT_ - Port to connect with Mysql. default 3306
  • _$MYSQL_HOST_ - Host where mysql is running
  • $FILENAME - Name to file in Azure Storage. Default name default-date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M" output example default-2015-08-03_17-58
  • _$ONE_SHOOT_ - If true the container make the backup and exit, else the container still running and schedule a job in crontab. default false
    a backup window.
  • _$BACKUP_WINDOW_ - What time should backup run. you should use crontab format, so see documentation. default value every day at 6 am.
  • $DEBUG - If true will give you the value of all variables in terminal. default to false
  • _$NO_PASSWORD_ - Connect to Mysql-Host without password, default to false

Example of running

docker run -rm --name mysql-backup \
-e "DB_PASSWORD=backup" \
-e "DB_USER=backup" \
-e "DB_NAME=backup" \
-e "ONE_SHOOT=true" \
-e "FILENAME=backup"
-e "AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT=teste-azure"
-e "AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY=ashdgashdgasdsa--dadcdsfsd/sdfd--"
-e "CONTAINER=sql-backup" \
-e "" \

This will upload to Azure Storare a file named default-2015-08-04_09-47.sql.gz and after that the
container will stop.

Building image

docker build -t fernandoneto/docker-mysql-backup-azure .
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