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image for testing including SSH, iperf, netperf on Alpine.
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Network tester. Launches a listening SSH server on $PORT0 (if defined) or defaults to port 22. Offers iperf, netperf, nmap and simple web server services for network testing.

Based on Alpine linux for minimal footprint.

This image is INSECURE and should NOT be used in production. It has ssh access with a default password enabled (user/deleteme).


docker run --rm -p 5001:5001 -p 6001:6001 -p 80:80 -p 22:22 fernandosanchez/simpletest

#Testing examples

  • iperf:

    On server:
    iperf -s -p [port_number] (-u)
    where (-u) activates UDP testing, which is TCP by default.
    On client:
    iperf -i [interval] -t [time] -p [port_number] (-u) -c [remote_server_address]

  • netperf:

    On server:
    netserver -p [port_number] -L [my_local_server_address]
    On client:
    netperf -L [my_local_client_address] -H [remote_server_address] -t [test_type] -p [port_number]
    where [test_type] can be:

    • etc.
  • nmap:

    On client:
    nmap [server_address]

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