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Simple web server in python that returns his own IP address, listening port and cumulative hit count
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A simple web server that outputs the IP addresses of the source and destination, useful for load balancing testing. It checks for the $PORT0 variable and starts the server on that port if it's defined. This is useful for deployment with Marathon.

Runs on Alpine linux base in order to be lightweight. Uses python 2.7.

What is simpleweb?

simpleweb is a simple web to show the source and destination IP addresses of the received requests information, written in python.

How to use this image?

The docker image is auto built at

In Dockerfile

FROM fernandosanchez/simpleweb

Local Run

$ docker run --rm -it -p 80:80 fernandosanchez/simpleweb

Which image is based on?

The image is based on yeasy/simple-web, which is based on python:2.7

What has been changed?

Add the code. Modify it to have the server listen on port number $PORT0 if that environment variable is defined. This is useful for automatic port assignment with Marathon.
Dockerfile to run on lightweight Alpine linux and python 2.7.


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