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CPU miner for currency karbowanec
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to specify all things please run

docker run -d ferumflex/karbowanec:latest -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u KZtmADAJrNce9XX67xmHKZBoewPMkSR8hiWTy6udjypca6nw1SsK9CigBnvNrJcd2SD5au2jWuMngGU8C9KfBXdSQbM2bLY -p z --threads 7


Repository has two tags:

  1. aes - for modern cpu. it is much faster and this is default version.
  2. noaes - for old cpu without aes

Donations are welcome:

karbowanec: KZtmADAJrNce9XX67xmHKZBoewPMkSR8hiWTy6udjypca6nw1SsK9CigBnvNrJcd2SD5au2jWuMngGU8C9KfBXdSQbM2bLY
bitcoin: 16jYF5h1vbSvaD5Sp8XbggJk7fX4XtVc4C

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