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Ubiquiti / UBNT docker mFi controller 2.1.12 [security patched (SA71396)]
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Docker ubnt mfi-controller

The Ubiquiti Networks mFi Controller 2.1.12 software allows you to manage your Ubiquiti/UBNT mPort, mPower, sensor, in-wall, and third-party devices from your web browser.

To keep your data secure, this docker image provides you the latest mFi Controller software 2.1.12 (beta) patched using the unofficial ikkisoft mFiPatch.

The latest Ubiquiti Networks mFi Controller 2.1.11 software suffers from a serious bug allowing full remote access and control of any unpatched mFi setup. SecuriTeam tried to contact UBNT several times to resolve this issue, unfortunately without receiving an answer.

This ready to run docker image provides you an unofficial patched version of mFi controller which does not suffer from this serious bug.

To start a mfi-controller instance running the latest version:

$ docker create -v /var/lib/mfi --name mfi-controller-data busybox /bin/true
$ docker run --volumes-from=mfi-controller-data --name mfi-controller \
   -p 3478:3478/udp -p 6080:6080 -p 6443:6443 fflo/mfi-controller

Instead of using a mfi-controller-data container you may also mount any local directory to mfi-controller, i.e.

$ docker run --name mfi-controller -v /[your-local-mFi-path]:/var/lib/mfi \
   -p 3478:3478/udp -p 6080:6080 -p 6443:6443 fflo/mfi-controller

Service ports
This docker image allows you to expose the following ports:

  • 2323/tcp
  • 6080/tcp
  • 6443/tcp
  • 6843/tcp
  • 6880/tcp
  • 1900/udp
  • 3478/udp
  • 10001/udp

Running a non-local cloud setup you usually only need to expose the tcp ports 6080 (mFi equipment configuration port), 6443 (mFi controller management) and udp port 3478 (stun server for mFi devices behind nat routers).

Debug / Logfile
By default, mFi controller will dump any log information to the Docker logs. To debug use:

$ docker logs -t mfi-controller
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