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A logspout adapter to send the logs from docker containers to a configurable Amazon Kinesis stream.
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A logspout adapter that uses the go-kinesis library to send the logs from all docker containers to a configurable Amazon Kinesis stream to allow further processing by logstash.

The source of this project is heavily based on the logspout-redis-logstash sources.


Run the script to create the docker image.



Run the logspout kinesis container on the docker host where you want to capture logs by running:

docker run -t -i -p 8000:80 \
  -e LOGSPOUT=ignore \
  --restart="always" \
  --volume=/var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock:ro \
  moovel/logspout-kinesis \


If you have a valid IAM profile present for the instance you running on, you can omit the env variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY, AWS_SECRET_KEY from the run command and it will try to query the meta-data service for IAM information .


This adapter uses the docker host as the partition key. You can pass the value of it using the env variable LK_DOCKER_HOST.

Http Stream

This build includes the httpstream module which provides realtime access to all logs via the http/websocket protocol. After launching the container using docker run command from above you should now be able to connect to the stream: curl http://YOUR_DOCKER_HOST_IP:8000/logs

Label support

This adapter supports docker labels by adding them to the json message which gets then sent to the kinesis stream.


logspout url

The configuration is provided via the query parameters in the logspout url. Just add the desired parameters by appending them: kinesis://myStream?buffer_size=20.

Alternatively you can set the specified environment variable when the config option supports that.

Parameter Description Default ENV var
docker_host The host name docker is running on. "unknown-docker-host" LK_DOCKER_HOST
partition_key The partition key for kinesis. docker_host value LK_PARTITION_KEY
use_v0_layout Use the logstash v0 layout. false LK_USE_V0_LAYOUT
add_blocks_when_buffer_full Should the batch producer add blocks even if the buffer is full? false
buffer_size Size of the internal kinesis records buffer. 10000
flush_interval Number of seconds when a batch gets flushed and sent. 1
batch_size Number of records per batch. 10
max_attempts_per_record Number of retries. 10
stat_interval NOT RELEVANT YET StatInterval will be used to make a best effort attempt to send stats approximately, when this interval elapses. 1

Since this configuration is a one-to-one mapping to the go-kinesis library defaults, head to the libary docs for further information.


Debug mode can be enabled using the DEBUG env variable via docker run -e DEBUG=1.

Future improvements

  • Add a StatReceiver that sends stats to cloudwatch to allow monitoring.
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