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A simple http based API for controlling your Sonos system. Build to run on an Raspberry Pi (RPI).
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Contributes to Look there for further details.

This is the Dockerfile which is used for cross-build on a Mac and based on a proper nodejs image (look at which is again based on a proper debian testing image (for further details look at repository

FROM fgabriel/rpi-nodejs
MAINTAINER Ferdinand Gabriel <>

RUN [ "cross-build-start" ]

RUN mkdir /usr/src/app && mkdir /root/.sonos-http-api

ADD package.json /usr/src/app

WORKDIR /usr/src/app

RUN npm install --production

EXPOSE 3500 5005

ADD . /usr/src/app

VOLUME /root/.sonos-http-api

RUN ln -s /root/.sonos-http-api/settings.json settings.json

CMD [ "npm", "start" ]```

RUN [ "cross-build-end" ]

Please note:
Before building the docker image, you have to download the current package.json from It is copied to the image and needed for installation of the packages.

This container has to be run with this command

docker run -d --name sonos-http-api --net=host --restart=always -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -v /[mount volume]:/root/.sonos-http-api:rw fgabriel/rpi-node-sonos-http-api:latest

whereby mount volume can store the settings.json file. E.g. if you want to use the text-to-speed function and you have to define your API-key for in the settings.json.

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