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GoLang emacs-based development container
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This container is meant to run an emacs version configured for GoLang development.

It downloads the binaries (1.5) and sets up all the required directory structure and environment variables as described in [1] in ubuntu14.04.

This is based on the go dev container at [2] and the configuration of emacs for go development at [3], thank you guys!

It includes godep, gocode, goimports, golint, godef and goconvey. If your go source files reside at /path/to/go/src then you can spin up the container with:

docker run -v /path/to/go/src:/workspace/src/ -i -t fgimenez/emacs-n-go /usr/bin/emacs

You can also use the script, which spins a goconvey server in and executes automatically tests in your working directory (it may require sudo credentials for the docker command):

./ /path/to/go/src

If executed without arguments takes the current directory as source and$USER/<current directory basename> as package


Happy coding!




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3 years ago

Thanks a lot Traun, it should be working now, even with the shortcut M-. for the jump.

By the way, M-x compile is not working as expected, could you please take a look at [1]?



3 years ago

It's missing one thing:

go get -u -v

after that, godef works. (godef allows you to jump into definitions via M-x godef-jump and jump back via M-*)