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what would travis do?
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Simple containerized environment to reproduce travis builds for opam packages using the script from ocaml/ocaml-ci-scripts. It creates a "docker in docker" server instance and a docker client that clients to it and acts as the travis runner, creating the container in which the build is executed.

As a first step you need to create a file with all the required environment variables:

$ cat <<EOF >>
export DISTRO=ubuntu-16.04
export OCAML_VERSION=4.02.3
export PACKAGE=ocaml-uri

export POST_INSTALL_HOOK="OPAMYES=true opam depext -i react ssl lwt"
export REVDEPS="cohttp git github irmin sociaml-facebook-api sociaml-oauth-client sociaml-tumblr-api spotify-web-api syndic"

At least DISTRO, OCAML_VERSION and PACKAGE are required. Then, from the target project root you can execute the script in this repo passing the previously created file path as parameter:

/path/to/ocaml-travis-runner/ /path/to/

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