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Russian translation of FHIR

To run the FHIR Publisher

First ensure that ant 1.9+ is installed on your system.

  1. Run publish.bat (windows) or (OSX/Linux)
  2. Wait for it to finish (~10 minutes)

See also: FHIR Build Process

Note: if you are offline and cannot fetch dependencies, pass the --offline
flag to the publisher script. E.g. ./ --offline

To build and run the FHIR Publisher via ant

ant clean Publisher -Dargs="-name my-custom-build"

Command line parameters to / publish.bat

  • -nogen: don't generate the spec, just run the validation. (to use this,
    manually fix things in the publication directory, and then migrate the
    changes back to source when done. this is a hack)

  • -noarchive: don't generate the archive. Don't use this if you're a core

  • -web: produce the HL7 ready publication form for final upload (only core

  • -diff: the executable program to use if platform round-tripping doesn't
    produce identical content (default: c:\program files

  • -name: the "name" to go in the title bar of each of the specification

To run Docker

sudo build -t fhir-svn .
sudo run --name=fhir-svn -d -p 11155:80 -t -i fhir-svn

Look at http://localhost:11155

Copyright HL7, Inc.

Open-source under BSD3 (License)[./LICENSE]

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