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Docker Filebeat image

Filebeat is a lightweight, open source shipper for log file data. As the next-generation Logstash Forwarder, Filebeat tails logs and quickly sends this information to Logstash for further parsing and enrichment or to Elasticsearch for centralized storage and analysis.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Build and update process

This image is automatically built at every push of this repository and every time that the debian:jessie base image gets updated in order to ensure that bugfixes and security updates are immediately applied.


docker run -v /path/to/filebeat.yml:/filebeat.yml prima/filebeat:5

Or, you can create your own derived image, with the configuration in the image itself.

FROM prima/filebeat
COPY my-config/filebeat.yml /filebeat.yml

Configuration file

You can find an example of the filebeat.yml in the official filebeat repository:

And in the official docs:

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