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Docker container based on finalcut/mxunit that also provides varscoper at /tmp/varscoper

varscoper was authored by Mike Schierberl. The version included in this docker container is 1.3 (updated Dec 9, 2010).

mxunit is exposed at /tmp/mxunit
varscoper at /tmp/varscoper

This exists basically because my CF builds typically also run a varscoper test that utilizes the power of mxunit and varscoper combined.

<cfcomponent name="unittests.utilities.varscoper"  extends="unittests.BaseTest" output="false">

    <cffunction name="varScoper"  access="public" output="false">
        <cfset local = structNew() />
        <cfset var files = "" />

        <cfset local.resultsDir = getConfigService().getProperty("rootpath") & "testresults\varscoper\" />

        <cfif DirectoryExists(local.resultsDir)>
            <cfdirectory action="list" directory="#local.resultsDir#" name="files">
            <cfif files.recordCount>
                <cfquery name="files" dbtype="query">
                    SELECT * FROM files ORDER BY datelastmodified desc

                <cffile action="read" file="\" variable="local.file" />
                <cfset local.file = trim(local.file) />
                <cfif ListLen(local.file, "#CHR(13)#") GT 1>
                    <cfset local.msg = "Var Scoping missing in the following file(s) <ul>"/>
                    <cfloop from="2" to="#ListLen(local.file, CHR(13))#" index="local.i">
                        <cfset local.line = listGetAt(local.file, local.i, CHR(13)) />
                        <cfset  local.msg = local.msg & "<li>" & listGetAt(local.line, 1) & " at line " & ListGetAt(local.line, 3) & " for variable '" & ListGetAt(local.line, 4) &"'</li>" />

                    <cfset local.msg = local.msg & "</ul>" />
                <cfset fail(local.msg) />



This basically goes through the varscoper results and builds an mxunit failure message from the results so the build will include this as a failed test along with details on where the var scoping is missing.

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