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ColdFusion server 10 patched to the lastest version. The tag tells you what patch is applied (10.0.13 indicates hotfix 13).
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run this container with the following command:

docker run -d -p 8880:80 -v /var/www:/var/www finalcut/coldfusion10
  1. The admin password for the coldfusion server is Adm1n$
  2. You can't access the cf-admin interface from the web. You need to use the CF Admin API
  3. If you want to build your own container instead of using this one check out these instructions
    Finally, I map port 80 on the CF server to port 8880 and I have it in the usage instructions
  4. Finally, I map port 80 on the CF server to port 8880 and I have it in the usage instructions here to make it easier for me to copy paste. Use whatever port mapping works for you.
  5. You can learn more about the coldfusion installation by looking in ./build/install/installer.profile

This container is mainly built using a github repo - but I can't automatically build this one due to the dependency on the coldfusion server binaries.

NOTE: I edited the container on 21 AUG 2014 by adding apt-get clean to the Dockerfile. This reduced the size of the container from 1.7GB to 1.5GB - still huge but I don't know how/if it is possible to make it any smaller. Coldfusion installed on Windows 7 is roughly 2GB in size.

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10 months ago

Thanks for the image!

Regarding #2, you can get to the admin interface by browsing to /CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm on the container will take you to the cf-admin interface. Use the admin pw specified in #1.

10 months ago

Hi, I was just exploring the option of whether there are Windows base images and if there are, if Coldfusion can be put over that.

3 years ago

@d1b1 - you can get past installers here

3 years ago

@d1db1 - I assume it would be very possible with CF9 - you just have to have the binary for CF9 handy (I do not). But making small changes to how this Dockerfile is created to use the CF9 binary should do the trick.

3 years ago

Thanks for this! Trying to help a friend fix a CF issue on a 15 years old codebase, on windows. RDC made things hard to test. This make it so much easier.

Any idea if this is possible for CF 9?