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Data container built on debian:wheezy so it is as small as I could make it. Container holds coldspring - a ColdFusion IoC framework.
Full Description

coldspring is exposed via volume : /tmp/coldspring

The version of coldspring matches the tag. As of initial publishing that is just version 1.2. I have no plans to move this forward to include version 2 Alpha. If you need a more modern ColdFusion IoC framework then check out FW/1 and DI/1. I have a container up for that as well that contains FW/1, DI/1, and AOP/1.

This container is mainly built using a github repo - but I can't automatically build this one due to the dependency on the older coldspring framework source that isn't publicly available.

What is coldspring

coldspring is an IoC framework that favors configuration and is based on the java framework Spring. It also provides some AOP functionality... It was developed primarily by Mark Mandel. Version 1.2 is not publicly available anymore and the framework is no longer actively under development or maintenance.

How to use this Image


start the image

  docker run -it --name coldspring finalcut/coldspring:1.2

After the container starts feel free to exit it. The container does not need to be running to be used.

connect to it from another container

  docker run -d -p 8880:80 -v /var/www:/var/www --volumes-from coldspring finalcut/coldfusion10

The --volumes-from switch is what exposes the volume /tmp/coldspring from the finalcut/coldspring container.
Once your coldfusion container is running you will probably want to add a global mapping to the coldspring framework directory

    // Login is always required.
        adminObj = createObject("component","cfide.adminapi.administrator");
        mapObj = createObject("component", "cfide.adminapi.extensions");
        mapObj.setMapping("framework", "/tmp/coldspring");
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