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contains the coldfusion framework "framework-one" (FW/1). I will try to keep this updated with the latest "gold" version of framework one as they become available.
Full Description


A docker data container containing fw/1 version 3 (beta1).. That means aop1 and di1 are included.
The framework is exposed via the container at volumne /tmp/fw1

What is FW/1

FW/1 is a mvc framework that favors convention over configuration.. It was developed primarily by Sean Corfield. Framework-one actually contains two additional libraries at this point - di/1 (dependency injection) and aop/1 (aspect oriented programming that extends di/1).

How to use this Image


start the image

  docker run -it --name fw1 finalcut/framework-one

After the container starts feel free to exit it. The container does not need to be running to be used.

connect to it from another container

  docker run -d -p 8880:80 -v /var/www:/var/www --volumes-from fw1 finalcut/coldfusion10

The --volumes-from switch is what exposes the volume /tmp/fw1 from the finalcut/framework-one container.
Once your coldfusion container is running you will probably want to add a global mapping to the fw1 framework directory

    // Login is always required.
        adminObj = createObject("component","cfide.adminapi.administrator");
        mapObj = createObject("component", "cfide.adminapi.extensions");
        mapObj.setMapping("framework", "/tmp/fw1/framework");

Once the framework directory is mapped you can use FW/1 as documented by that framework (your application.cfc extending

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