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A Docker image which allows you to build the latest OpenWRT for Candyhouse based routers.
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Builds a Docker image which allows you to build the latest OpenWRT for Candyhouse based routers (Cisco Linksys EA4500 / E4200v2 / EA3500 routers).

To get Docker on your machine, download and install the Docker Toolbox.

Step 1: Build or pull down the docker image

The image simply consists of:

To build the docker image, execute the following:

docker build --no-cache -t="finbarrbrady/openwrt-linksys-candyhouse:latest" git://

Or you can pull a pre-built version from my hub repository:

docker pull finbarrbrady/openwrt-linksys-candyhouse

Step 2: Build OpenWRT

Now we are ready to execute, and pull down the latest OpenWRT code and build.

To run the docker image and generate a build of OpenWRT, run:

docker run -it finbarrbrady/openwrt-linksys-candyhouse:latest
# for a Linksys EA4500 / E4200v2 router
make viper
# ... or for a Linksys EA3500 router, run:
make audi

Now go and have a cup of tea, because this can take about 45 minutes to complete.

In the end, you can type 'exit' to get out of the docker container.

root@c8e42178d1c3:/Candyhouse-Linux-ROOter# exit

Step 3: Copy the files from the docker container and install on your router

Run this command to copy the build artifacts from the docker container to your host computer

docker cp c8e42178d1c3:/Candyhouse-Linux-ROOter/artifacts .

Note the container ID is the hostname of the container, which you can see when you typed 'exit' earlier.

You should now see a couple of files in the artifacts directory.

bash-3.2$ cd artifacts/
bash-3.2$ ls -l
total 24184
-rw-r--r--  1 finb  staff  7208960  6 Jan 14:33 openwrt-kirkwood-linksys-viper-squashfs-factory.bin
-rw-r--r--  1 finb  staff  5171200  6 Jan 14:34 openwrt-kirkwood-linksys-viper-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar

You can use the factory bin to flash from stock Linksys firmware, or if you already have a version of OpenWRT installed, you can use the sysupgrade tar file.

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