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fakes3 image for development of apps using S3 built on alpine linux so it's tiny
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A docker container for fakes3 with the service exposed on port 8000 and a data volume at /fakes3_data

It's on docker-hub and github

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Get a list of available command line options

docker run -it --rm fingershock/fakes3 fakes3 --help
  fakes3 help [COMMAND]                       # Describe available commands or one specific command
  fakes3 server -p, --port=N -r, --root=ROOT  # Run a server on a particular hostname
  fakes3 version                              # Report the current fakes3 version

Run the server with port 8000 exposed. In this mode, all data will be lost when the container terminates.

docker run -it --rm fingershock/fakes3

To persist data on a host directory so it's saved across restarts just bind mount a host directory to /fakes3_data.

docker run -it --rm -v /host/s3_data:/fakes3_data:rw fingershock/fakes3
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