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auto build image for mlb-analytics-ant
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MLB Pitchers Friend

"Helping hitters become batters...and then sitting them back down"

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MLB Analytics Ant

The MLB Analytics Ant is the Data Analytics component of the MLB Pitchers Friend, developed by the Fire Ants.

The Analytics-Ant receives a single variable, Major League Baseball Identification Number (mlbID), from the Queen-Ant control station. The Analytics Ant then connects to the API-Ant to query for pitches on specific batters that are maintained in the Mongo database.

Application Workflow

These R subroutines will run within the same container.


  1. Receive 1 variable (mlbID) from the docker run command used to activate the container
  2. Query the MLB-API-Ant for information pertaining to that specific mlbID
  3. Generate aggregate data frame with all pitches and atbat events for the referenced hitter...


  1. Apply data transformations to the aggregate data frame

    • Apply Hitter Value per-pitch scoring algorithms (QuantScore & QualScore) to pitches
    • Transform similar pitch types
  2. Subset the transformed aggregate data frame for specific batter


  1. Generate a traditional Hitter Heat Map for season to date information.
  2. Generate a Hitter Value Heat Map.
  3. Storage these images in Virtustream Storage Cloud.

####04-Regressison Analysis.R (To Be Developed)

  1. Fit a prediction model to the subset hitter data frame
  2. Create confidence intervals and recommendations on how to defeat hitters.
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