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Deprecated, replaced by metagrid/notroot-debian
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This container image has been replaced by metagrid/notroot-debian.

A simple Debian based image that creates a non-root user and then uses sudo to run the main command.

This image is designed to be used as a base for other application specific images.

Environment variables :

  • useruid - the user id, default is 1000
  • usergid - the group id, defaults to the uid
  • username - the user name, default is noname
  • userhome - the home directory, default /home/${username}

Example use :

docker run -it --rm \
    --env "useruid=$(id -u)" \
    --env "usergid=$(id -g)" \
    --env "username=$(id -un)" \
    --env "userhome=/var/local" \

Source code :

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