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Email microservice
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Micro Mail

An app for sending emails.


Clone this repo and npm install. In order to work, the rendering engine must be able to find all of your templates. Currently all template files are defaulted to exist in ./templates. Any additional helpers can be installed in ./helpers. See below.

+ -- templates
|    + -- emails
|    |    + -- template-folder
|    |    |    + -- index.html
|    |    |    + -- details.yaml
|    |    |    + -- test.json
|    + -- partials
|    |    + -- header.html
|    |    + -- footer.html (Example files)
+ -- helpers
|    + -- inline.js
|    + -- example.js

Additionaly, you can configure where you want the files to reside in conf/default.yaml or in an environment specific file similar to conf/dev.yaml or conf/stage.yaml.


POST /send


  to: [*String],
  from: [String],
  fromName: [String],
  subject: [String],
  template: [*String],
  data: [Object],
  text: [*String],
  headers: [Object]
Attribute Req. Description
to yes The email address of the recipient.
from no The email address of the sender. Overrides configured sender.
fromName no The common name of the sender. Override the configured name.
subject no The subject line of the email. Overrides the subject in the template configuration.
template yes The slug of the template you wish to render and send. Required if text is empty.
data no Data object that is passed to the template rendering engine. Not specifically required unless your email template requires it to render properly.
text yes Content to be sent as a text based email. If set, a text based email will be send regardless of the value of template.
headers no Additional headers that are sent to the email delivery agent.


  status: [String (ok|error)],
  message: [String],
  result: [String|Object]
Attribute Description
status An enumeration of the request status. ok for a successful transaction, and error if there was an error. The HTTP status code will also reflect this status (200 for ok, 4**, 5** for error)
message A Pretty message from the system.
result A proxy result from the mailing system. I.E. response from the Mandrill API.

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