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haproxy + ucarp

This image runs a haproxy with ucarp to make it highly available.

This image uses host networking, which requires Docker >= 0.11.


To configure haproxy, you can either bind-mount a haproxy.cfg from your
host system to /haproxy/haproxy.cfg in the container or create a custom
image by using a Dockerfile like this:

FROM fish/haproxy-docker
ADD  haproxy.cfg /haproxy/haproxy.cfg


Start a container like this on two hosts:

$ docker run -e DEV=eth1 --privileged --net host fish/haproxy-docker foobar23 [additional IPs..]

Now you should have two haproxy running and ucarp running on
the given interface, making sure only one listens on
(and optionally on additional IPs).


If you're using IP based vhosts, you need to set
net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind=1 to allow the slave haproxy to bind to the
right addresses even if they are not configured on your interfaces.

Failure Scenarios

If any service haproxy goes down, the container is supposed to kill
UCARP so the IP gets removed and the backup can take over.

If for any reasons this isn't working, kill the container manually.
This should cause the backup to take over.

If this is not the case, there is a problem with the backup container.
You might want to restart it.

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