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This Docker image run prometheus along with consul-template to update
the prometheus config. It adds job, if found, for the following

  • prometheus-node-exporter
  • prometheus-container-exporter
  • prometheus-haproxy-exporter
  • prometheus-cloudwatch-exporter
  • prometheus-pushgateway
  • prometheus-alertmanager

It requires the services to have a tag which will be added as label to
the job.

As the parent image prom/prometheus,
this image stores the metrics in a volume at /prometheus. It's
advised to use a data volume container to persist the metrics when
updating the image:

$ docker run --name prometheus-data -v /prometheus busybox true
$ docker run --volumes-from prometheus-data dckr/prometheus-consul ...

This way you can remove and recreate the prometheus container while
keeping the metrics around.


You can pass consul-template parameters directly to the image like

$ docker run dckr/prometheus-consul -consul consul:8500

Yo pass command line arguments to prometheus, you can set them via the
PROMETHEUS_OPTS env variable:

$ docker run -e PROMETHEUS_OPTS="-alertmanager.url=http://alarm:9095" \
             -p 9090:9090 dckr/prometheus-consul -consul consul:8500

To customize the config template itself or the console templates,
create a new directory with the following files (all optional):

./prometheus.conf.tmpl: the prometheus config consul template
./prometheus/consoles: prometheus console templates
./prometheus/console_libraries: prometheus console libraries

Now create a Dockerfile with only FROM dckr/prometheus-consul in it.
Building this image will replace the provided template with the
templates in your directory.

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