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Let's get daily meetings down to minutes.
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Jelly is an application for managing the reports submitted for Jelly
Baby Tree meetings.

Read more about Jelly and this style of meeting at

Find the source on Github at fishpercolator/jelly.

How to use this image

Using a postgres container

Start a database container

$ docker run -d --name jelly-pg -e POSTGRES_USER=wibble -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=wobble postgres

Create the database using rake

$ docker run --rm --link jelly-pg:db fishpercolator/jelly rake db:create
$ docker run --rm --link jelly-pg:db fishpercolator/jelly rake db:schema:load

The --link should link your postgres container using the name db.

Start a Jelly container

First, get yourself a unique value to use as SECRET_KEY_BASE:

$ docker run --rm fishpercolator/jelly rake secret

Then start your container:

$ docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name jelly-web --link jelly-pg:db -e SECRET_KEY_BASE=9ebfbb9f5ecf99fc7ea10e368400ea02bee34ffe4590fffc63a489dc01b4a431604526a6fc5ba6d696282ccb8878aeb1f74b8d56acb1a35415ca2f2d87ab00a2 fishpercolator/jelly

Rails is exposed on port 3000, which you can open up or link to another container, such as nginx.

Using your own PostgreSQL database

If you have your own PostgreSQL database that is running outside of Docker (e.g. in Amazon RDS), then simply specify its URL as the DATABASE_URL instead of using --link. For example, in the schema step above:

$ docker run --rm -e DATABASE_URL='postgres://' rake db:schema:load


All configuration variables are described in the application README on Github.

You must specify the SECRET_KEY_BASE variable or your sessions will be exposed to attack because Jelly will revert to the default key in the Dockerfile.

Supported Docker versions

This image is supported on Docker version 1.6.0 and above.

User feedback

If you have any problems with or questions about this Docker image, please contact Fish Percolator through a Github issue.

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