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FIWARE Cyber seCurity Attack graPh moniTORing - Client (Display)
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This project is a part of FIWARE. For more information, please consult [FIWARE website] (

CyberCAPTOR is an implementation of the Cyber Security Generic Enabler, the future developments of the [Security Monitoring GE] (

Table of Contents

Development Version Installation


CyberCAPTOR-Client has been tested with the following software, but it should be possible to
launch it with any other HTTP server (Apache, nginx,...).

This installation procedure need :


1) Get sources from GitHub

git clone

2) Run a HTTP server. For example, we use here Python's SimpleHTTPServer but any other HTTP server may be used.

Run SimpleHTTPServer to serve CyberCAPTOR-Client on port 8000:

cd cybercaptor-client
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000


Open your browser, for example Chromium, and go on URL :


If you see a window with the title : CyberCAPTOR-Client and a tab : Initialization. The CyberCAPTOR-Client has been properly installed.

For more details, read the documentation Installation And adminsitration Manual.

Docker Version Deployment

Build container (optional)

cd container
docker build -t cybercaptor-client .

Run container

If you want to run the client in foreground in a terminal, launch the following command. CyberCAPTOR-Client will listen on port 8000.

docker run --rm --name cybercaptor-client -p 8000:80 fiwarecybercaptor/cybercaptor-client

Note that you need a CyberCAPTOR Server to test properly CyberCAPTOR-Client. CyberCAPTOR Server can be launched with
this command :

docker run --name cybercaptor-server -p 8080:8080 fiwarecybercaptor/cybercaptor-server

More information about CyberCAPTOR-Server (can be found here)[].

More details about building and/or running the Docker container can be found in container/

Use of CyberCAPTOR-Client

In the top of each page of CyberCAPTOR-Client, a panel describe how to use such page.

For more details, please refer to User & Programmers manual.


If you want to participate to the development of CyberCAPTOR-Client, all contributions are welcome.

For more details, refer to the User & Programmers manual.

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