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This is an unofficial build of the awesome Ghost blog platform packed by letsjustfixit@github
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#Latest news:

1.6.2 released - 2017.08.17
1.1.0 released - 2017.17.28

  • [x]'Ive switched imaged to an alpine linux based image, cut the image size in half :)
    0.11.4 released - 2017.01.12
    0.6.4 released - 2015.05.21
    0.6.3 released - 2014.05.14



  • f1dfb019f Version bump to 1.6.2 - Kevin Ansfield
  • ba8886433 Updated Ghost-Admin to 1.6.2 - Kevin Ansfield
  • b641b7fd3 Version bump to 1.6.2 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 53e716133 Upgrading Casper to 2.0.5 - Kevin Ansfield
  • b086b432a Dumped icojs and use image-size for .ico (#8888) - Aileen Nowak
  • fb63f8d98 🎨 Improve layout of team invites list at mobile sizes (#813) - Farhad
  • 4f3a8f6b3 API express app routing & middleware improvements (#8883) - Hannah Wolfe
  • 947017427 🎨 Fix positioning of direction arrows in subscribers table (#824) - Seth Lilly
  • 053a77943 🎨 Fix legibility of contributor names in Night Shift - Kevin Ansfield
  • 65bdfa597 🎨 Improve legibility of theme uploader text in Night Shift (#823) - Vikas
  • 67ee5c1ed 🐛 Fix missing Unsplash icons in uploaders when using config override (#829) - Kevin Ansfield


[New]  Define redirects as JSON file
[New]  Make AMP optional
[Removed] ⬇️ Node v0.12.x support - Node v0.12 is no longer maintained
[Fixed] Import subscribers on database import
[Fixed] Fix admin redirect, when using a subdirectory
[Security] Expand subscriber email validation
[Security] Escape sameAs for structured data
[Security] Detect symlinks when uploading themes via the admin panel


Blog post of the release:

Full changelog:

[Fixed] Caching issues with previews
[Fixed] Password protection not redirecting to blog
[Fixed] Multiple owners after import
[Fixed] Ghost logo linking to wrong URL
[Fixed] Invite email missing contact email address

Blog post of the release:

Full changelog:

[New] Post previews
[New] Password protected blogs
[New] Custom author templates
[Improved] Session length is now 7 days
[Fixed] Word count in editor not counting non-latin chars
[Fixed] Secure URLs in RSS when accessed via HTTPS
[Fixed] Autosave causing post to be published
[Fixed] Admin app errors when active theme missing

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This is an unofficial build of the awesome Ghost blogging platform. It's an automated build which triggers on pushes to a git repo.. I'm tryin to always push things as fast as i can after releases..

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used nodejs:

repo's #slim

Originnaly based on dockerfiles/ghost

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