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OpenCV 3.0.0 + SSH server for X Window remote display
Full Description

OpenCV 3 Container for x86

Container contents:

  • OpenCV 3.0.0
  • Python 2 and 3
  • SSH server prepared for login with user/password root/root
  • C/C++ compiler, CMake
  • Git

For accessing this container by SSH, with X-Window export, so that you can run applications that displays user interfaces, do:

  • Start X server on you machine
  • Start container with "docker run --name flaviostutz-opencv2 --privileged -p 2222:22 flaviostutz/opencv-x86"
  • If you need to stop/start SSH Server, run "docker exec flaviostutz-opencv2 service ssh restart"
  • From your machine, connect to the container using "ssh -X -p 2222 root@[CONTAINER HOST]"
  • On a SSH session, run an application, such as "[OpenCV]/ --cascade cascade.xml". It will open your webcam and show its contents on a X-Window on your machine
  • Many times I use sshfs to mount a directory from the container on my local machine so that I can edit complex files using Atom and run it inside the container by simple commands on the SSH session (no need to sync or transfer files). In this scenario, I keep all the project files inside the container and push its contents through Git to the outside.
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