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Short Description
An open-source data redistribution service from Flightstats Inc.
Full Description

The Hub is designed to be a fault tolerant, highly available service for data storage and distribution. All features are available via a REST API.

It supports channels of data ordered by time. Channels represent uniquely addressable items that are iterable and query-able by time. Each item may be up to to 40 MB.

$ docker run -p 80:80 flightstats/hub:latest

Test it:
$ curl localhost/health
"healthy" : true,
"description" : "OK",
"version" : "local",
"startTime" : "2016-10-24T19:01:47.739Z",
"upTimeHours" : 0,
"_links" : {
"metrics" : {
"href" : "http://localhost/health/metrics"

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