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Environment for Apache Flink workshop at JCConf 2016 (
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Apache Flink™ Training Workshop @ JCConf2016

This is the training material for the Apache Flink workshop at JCConf2016.

The tutorial code is still work in progress! However, workshop attendees can still follow the below instructions to prepare for the event.

Preparation Instructions for JCConf2016 Attendees

Attendees for the workshop are recommended to prepare the following before the event:

  1. Clone this project: git clone

    The project contains example code we will be going through, and a relatively large streaming
    dataset (at dataset/nycTaxiRides.gz).

  2. Install IntelliJ IDEA Community Version

    Throughout the workshop, we will mostly be using IntelliJ IDEA to learn how to program streaming applications
    with Flink's API. You can also use other IDEs that support Maven, but it is recommended to use IntelliJ IDEA.

  3. Build or pull the workshop docker container environment: docker pull flinktw/jcconf2016-workshop

    Besides learning how to write Flink streaming programs, we will also be using Kafka, InfluxDB, and Grafana
    along with a standalone Flink cluster for some architectural practices. The container provides a prepared
    environment to setup these systems. Afterwards, you can startup the environment with:

    docker run -it --rm -h jcconf2016-flink \
              -p 8081:8081 \ # 8081 for Flink JobManager Web UI
              -p 9092:9092 \ # 9092 for Kafka broker server
              -p 2181:2181 \ # 2181 for Zookeeper Quorum
              -p 3000:3000 \ # 3000 for Grafana Web UI
              -p 8086:8086 \ # 8086 for InfluxDB server
              flinktw/jcconf2016-workshop bash

    If everything went well, you should be able to find the following layout within the environment:

    jcconf@jcconf2016-flink:~$ ls flink jcconf2016-workshop kafka


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