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rApache is a Apache module using the R statistical language for webserver developement
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What is rApache

RApache enables the developement of web applications in the R statistical language.The rApache software distribution provides the Apache module named mod_R that embeds the R interpreter inside the web server. It also comes bundled with libapreq, an Apache module for manipulating client request data. Together, they provide the glue to transform R into a server-side scripting environment. For a complete description of rApache see

Whats in this docker

This image was bulit from the official Ubuntu image (FROM ubuntu:14.04)
The Apache http server (version 2.4) and the R statical language (R version 3.1.1) were installed, including the rApache module (version 1.2.8)


To start the docker use

docker run -dit  rapache

For testing, by default the RApache info site is hosted at port 80 and can be accessed at http://localhost/RApacheInfo
After the first run, remove or change the configuration of the hosted RApacheInfo site at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/R.conf
The default location for www-data is /var/www/html and the configuration files can be found at /etc/apache2/

The used startup command is

apache2ctl -D FOREGROUND

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