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Node Alpine
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Minimal Node.js Docker Images (18MB, or 6.6MB compressed)

Versions v5.3.0, v4.2.4, v0.12.9, v0.10.41, and io.js – built on Alpine Linux.

All versions use the one mhart/alpine-node repository,
but each version aligns with the following tags (ie, mhart/alpine-node:<tag>):

  • Full install built with npm (2.14.15 unless specified):
    • latest, 5, 5.3, 5.3.0 – 36.55 MB (npm 3.5.2)
    • 4, 4.2, 4.2.4 – 36.38 MB
    • 0.12, 0.12.9 – 32.08 MB
    • 0.10, 0.10.41 – 27.44 MB
  • Base install with node built as a static binary with no npm:
    • base, base-5, base-5.3, base-5.3.0 – 26.01 MB
    • base-4, base-4.2, base-4.2.4 – 25.6 MB
    • base-0.12, base-0.12.9 – 22.3 MB
    • base-0.10, base-0.10.41 – 18.5 MB

Major io.js versions are tagged too.


$ docker run mhart/alpine-node node --version

$ docker run mhart/alpine-node:4 node --version

$ docker run mhart/alpine-node npm --version

$ docker run mhart/alpine-node:base node --version

$ docker run mhart/alpine-node:3 iojs --version

Example Dockerfile for your own Node.js project

If you don't have any native dependencies, ie only depend on pure-JS npm
modules, then my suggestion is to run npm install locally before running
docker build (and make sure node_modules isn't in your .dockerignore) –
then you don't need an npm install step in your Dockerfile and you don't need
npm installed in your Docker image – so you can use one of the smaller
base* images.

FROM mhart/alpine-node:base
# FROM mhart/alpine-node:base-0.10
# FROM mhart/alpine-node

ADD . .

# If you have native dependencies, you'll need extra tools
# RUN apk add --update make gcc g++ python

# If you need npm, don't use a base tag
# RUN npm install

# If you had native dependencies you can now remove build tools
# RUN apk del make gcc g++ python && \
#   rm -rf /tmp/* /var/cache/apk/* /root/.npm /root/.node-gyp

CMD ["node", "index.js"]


As Alpine Linux uses musl, you may run into some issues with environments
expecting glibc-like behaviour (for example, Kubernetes). Some of these issues
are documented here:

Inspired by:

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