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docker image that will run BitlBee and WeeChat.
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WeeChat and BitlBee in Docker

This repo contains instructions on how to build a docker image that will run
BitlBee and WeeChat.

Docker registry

This image is available on the Docker registry as

$ docker pull nate/weechat-bitlbee


$ git clone
$ docker build --rm -t nate/weechat-bitlbee .


This will run with a temporary home directory, so all BitlBee and WeeChat
configuration and logs will be lost when you exit WeeChat:

$ docker run --rm -i -t nate/weechat-bitlbee

You can specify a host volume and that will be used for BitlBee users as well
as the home directory for WeeChat. This means configuration and logs will go
into that directory and will persist across container runs:

$ docker run --rm -i -t -v /host/path:/weechat nate/weechat-bitlbee

Finally, if you specify a USER environment variable, the user inside the
container will use that name instead of weechat:

$ docker run --rm -i -t -v /host/path:/weechat -e USER=bob nate/weechat-bitlbee

Using without bitlbee

If you want to just use weechat and not bitlbee, just set the IRC_SERVER
environment variable and bitlbee will not be started:

$ docker run --rm -i -t -v /host/path:/weechat -e -e USER=bob nate/weechat-bitlbee

Prevent default connection

By default, the script will connect to either localhost or the
$IRC_SERVER variable. If your weechat configuration does connections on its
own, you can prevent this from happening by setting the $NO_AUTO_CONNECT
environment variable.

$ docker run --rm -i -t -v /host/path:/weechat -e NO_AUTO_CONNECT=1 nate/weechat-bitlbee


Copyright © 2014 Nate Jones

Distributed under the MIT license.

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