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An easy way to try Hadoop with JDK 1.8 support
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Apache Hadoop 2.7.2 Docker image

Note: this is the master branch - for a particular Hadoop version always check the related branch

This image is a fork of sequenceiq/hadoop-docker with JDK 1.8 support

If you have some question please contact me

Build the image

If you'd like to try directly from the Dockerfile you can build the image as:

docker build  -t fluddeni/hadoop-docker:2.7.2 .

Pull the image

The image is also released as an official Docker image from Docker's automated build repository - you can always pull or refer the image when launching containers.

docker pull fluddeni/hadoop-docker:2.7.2

Start a container

In order to use the Docker image you have just build or pulled use:

Make sure that SELinux is disabled on the host. If you are using boot2docker you don't need to do anything.

docker run -it fluddeni/hadoop-docker:2.7.2 /etc/ -bash


You can run one of the stock examples:

# run the mapreduce
bin/hadoop jar share/hadoop/mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-2.7.2.jar grep input output 'dfs[a-z.]+'

# check the output
bin/hdfs dfs -cat output/*

Hadoop native libraries, build, Bintray, etc

The Hadoop build process is no easy task - requires lots of libraries and their right version, protobuf, etc and takes some time - we have simplified all these, made the build and released a 64b version of Hadoop nativelibs on this Bintray repo. Enjoy.

Automate everything

As we have mentioned previousely, a Docker file was created and released in the official Docker repository

Docker Pull Command