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Fluent Bit, lightweight log collector and forwarder
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Fluent Bit Docker Image

Fluent Bit Docker image based on Debian base image from Google.

1. Checkout Branch

Fluent Bit Dockerfiles are located in separated branches with proper tags:

Branch Tags Available
0.13 0.13, 0.13.0
0.12 0.12, 0.12.19, 0.12.18, 0.12.17, 0.12.16, 0.12.15, 0.12.14, 0.12.13, 0.12.12, 0.12.11, 0.12.10, 0.12.9, 0.12.8, 0.12.7, 0.12.6, 0.12.5, 0.12.4, 0.12.3, 0.12.2, 0.12.1, 0.12.0

2. Build image

Use docker build command to build the image. This example names the image "fluent-bit:latest":

$ cd 0.13/
$ docker build -t fluent/fluent-bit:0.13 ./

3. Test it

Once the image is built, it's ready to run:

docker run -p fluent/fluent-bit:latest

By default, the configuration set a listener on TCP port 24224 through Forward protocol and prints to the standard output interface each message. So this can be used to forward Docker log messages from one container to the Fluent Bit image, e.g:

$ docker run --log-driver=fluentd -t ubuntu echo "Testing a log message"

On Fluent Bit container will print to stdout something like this:

Fluent-Bit v0.13.0
Copyright (C) Treasure Data

[0] docker.31c94ceb86ca: [1487548735, {"container_id"=>"31c94ceb86cae7055564eb4d65cd2e2897addd252fe6b86cd11bddd70a871c08", "container_name"=>"/admiring_shannon", "source"=>"stdout","}]og"=>"Testing a log message


Feel free to join us on our Mailing List or IRC:


This program is under the terms of the Apache License v2.0.


Fluent Bit is made and sponsored by Treasure Data among other contributors.

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