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A docker container for building LaTeX documents
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Latex docker container

A docker container for building LaTeX documents. This image is based on the image provided by blang/latex and provides additional functionality designed for automation and use as part of a continuous integration workflow.

If you need additional utilities not included in this package for your build, you can look at flungo/latex-plus which adds a suite of tools on top of this image to improve usability.


In order to support custom classes and styles, the ability to import a texmf environment from a URL has been added. The URL, defined with TEXMF_URL should point to an archive containing the contents of the texmf context required to build your project. This can be particularly useful for using this image within Continuous integration with company or University templates.

It is assumed that the archive given with TEXMF_URL is a compressed zip archive, but tar archives are also supported by setting TEXMF_FORMAT=tar. Options can be passed to the extraction command using TEXMF_UNZIP_OPTS and TEXMF_TAR_OPTS respective of which format you are using (for example, TEXMF_TAR_OPTS=-z if the archive is compressed with gzip).

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